Thrive with Life Over 50

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The Fine Art of Feeling and Looking GREAT as you age!

You CAN Thrive With Life Over 50!

Are you wondering if your best life has passed you by? Not happy with who you see looking back at you in your bathroom mirror? Does the idea of growing older illicit constant negative feelings?  The idea of an aging 50plus person can be empowering, not disempowering. I can help you transform your life and make a difference in how you and others see yourself not only today, but years from now. I am a 65 years old. I’ve made many amazing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes in my early 40s to get me where I am now. I literally transformed my life and created a new mindset that has literally made me into the healthy and vibrant man I am today. I feel ageless at 50plus…and if I can, you can too!

"Let’s do this together. It works and I’m proof of that. Know that my mission is to be here for you every step of the way!"
- Robert Landau
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I’d like to share with you what’s worked for me and why I look and feel the way I do. It’s made all the difference for me as I continue to mature.

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It’s a short piece I’ve written called How to Look 10 Years Younger – Robert’s Five Secrets!

This will inform you and get you motivated to take some easy, initial steps forward…and just like me, you’ll start to look and feel so much better..and younger. It totally helped me and I know it can get you moving in a great direction. 

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"The free gift I requested of yours has already helped me turn the subject of aging from a negative into a huge positive. I never thought the process of looking and feeling better as I age would start to look like this. Thank you!"
Oklahoma City, OK
"I'm so thankful to you. I'm looking forward to incorporating so many of the great suggestions you made in your article. I'm certain they'll make a real difference in my life. You're right, it's all about mindset and caring for yourself. It really does all start with me."
Syracuse, NY
About Me

Robert Landau was an Actor in his native New York City for many years. He then shifted his focus to Cruise Directing and within a nine and a half year span, visited 300 ports of call on close to 400 cruises with different cruise lines. Landau is a Motivational Speaker and Certified Life Coach that specializes as a Mindset Coach for the 50plus market. Robert makes his home in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston, TX, but coaches with clients world-wide via Zoom. He is also featured as a Guest as well as a Speaker on the topic of Thriving With Life Over 50.

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